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We want to help you find a handyman that is able to complete those smaller projects and tasks around the house – in essence we want to help you make your home beautiful.  Whether it is helping you with some decoration tasks, repairs and even finishing those craft projects you’ve been waiting to show to your friends, we are here to help!  When you look around your house, here are some of the things we can help you with.

Rooms and Walls

  • Hanging pictures, curtains or shelves
  • Mounting TVs
  • Spackling and painting
  • Door fixer installation
  • Furniture rearranging or assembling


  • Grouting and tile repair
  • Toilet fixes
  • Mirror and fixture repairs


  • Knob installation
  • Fixing drawers and/or cabinets
  • Leaking faucet
  • Simple backsplash installation

Other Small Projects

  • Changing smoke detector batteries
  • Programming TV’s remote
  • Cleaning out small closets
  • Pressure wash driveways

Because our model might be different from a typical handyman, we believe the most convenient way to contract one of our helpers is via hourly agreements.  You will be able to determine how long you want our handymen to be available to complete those tasks around the house, and we’re happy to accommodate to those without charging you for unused time (Minimum of one hour). 

For every job, you will be required to book a minimum of one (1) hour at a rate of $55.00 USD. If you are seeking to hire for more than one (1) hour, the second hour will be charged at $50.00, and then all subsequent hours will be charged at $45.00 per hour.

Let us help you figure out which projects we can help you complete. If you have any questions, send us a message using the “contact us” button.


*We are not in possession of a General Contractor’s License and do not remodel or do any specialty assistance such as plumbing or construction.

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