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We are a female-owned company that specializes in helping clients find trustworthy individuals who can assist them with simple tasks and routine maintenance in their homes. Based on our personal experience, we realize how intimidating it can be to find a reputable “handyman” to enter the most sacred of places, our homes. We aim to help our clients with this daunting process and to make hiring help easy. In addition to helping our clients, we also have a higher mission and that is to offer a helping hand to other women who find themselves in difficult seasons of their lives. In order to do so, we allocate 10% of our profits to donate to local non-profits as well as our time and resources to this type of work.

Just a Hammer was born through our friendship and during many conversations about our dreams and hopes of being able to make a difference in the world, and live balanced and purposeful lives. As life would have it, Suzette found herself in a new and challenging season, living on her own far from family and a support system. Maintaining a household proved to be a challenge as she didn’t have somebody she felt comfortable and safe bringing into her home to help her with simple tasks such as changing batteries in her smoke detectors, or moving furniture. In a moment of frustration, and a difficult venting session, we both started wondering, how many other women found themselves in similar circumstances. And the idea came to life, more than a business, we realized this could be a business with a purpose. Helping women find trustworthy help, and using this model to also help others.

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